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Monday, October 6, 2014


Some new & adorable bracelets were added today 💛 QueenHempJewelry.etsy.com (Link’s in bio) For tonight & tomorrow, use the code HappyVibes for 20% all $15 orders ☺️🍁 A @humboldthempwick sample comes w/ all orders! ॐ Namaste ॐ #handmade #hempjewelry #queenhempjewelry #humboldthempwick #HigherLiving


Oregon might be the next state to legalize marijuana for recreational use for those who are 21 years old or older 💚 Measure 91 would allow for people to have up to 8 ounces of marijuana and to cultivate up to 4 plants! ☺️✌️🍁 #onelove #oneheart #progress #marijuanaissafer #legalizeit #legalizemymedicine #cannabiscures #HigherLiving

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Also.. recent studies have projected that the U.S. marijuana industry could reach $8 billion to $10 billion in sales by 2018 😳💚💖 Could you imagine how many jobs we could create in this country with that money? How much good for our environment, our school, and our communities could we create with that money? It’s time to 🍁 #EndProhibition 🍁 Link: ✨cannabisnews.com/news/28/thread28283.shtml✨

Monday, September 22, 2014

sakaok said: Hiya there beautiful lady! I have been interested in a Toker Poker since I saw you post about it a while back. Just wondering: what exactly is it used for? Packing?? #confusedn00b 💕 cohgar

one side is used for like packing down your bowls when you’re smoking and you need to pack down the ash and weed.. and other has the sharp thing that is used to scrape out your finished bowls/slides. you wrap your wick around it, and it holds your lighter. hemp wick is used instead of a lighter because butane is a carcinogen. Hemp wick lights your weed at a lower temperature than butane gas lighters, and it prolongs your bowls while greatly enhancing the taste. I just love mine because it keeps everything I need to toke in one place so I don’t have to run off looking for shit… LOL

One love!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

shirleyhemple said: Beautiful lady! I've been looking for you on here for so so long! I know this isn't a question, but I just wanted to tell you how much you've inspired me to be my own person and follow what the universe has put in my soul. You've honestly given me so much strength and much needed optimism through the last few months. Thank you for putting you're thoughts out into the world and for being such a beautiful soul. Stay high & the best of vibes you're way <3


you’re so awesome <3 Keep being the beautiful soul that you are <3 ONE LOVE! And thanks for the lovely message. Made me smile xoxo

Via Penny Lane is stoned.

carmssr said: Please read me,Hi, I follow you on twitter and I agree with your "stay educated" policy. I just decided to tell my parents I smoke weed but I need legitimate information about side effects, benefits and health risk to make my point clear to them. Please help me by sharing some links for that information. You will be a lot of help. please please please.

there are links all over the page my love <3 use cannabisnews.com to show them all the great things going on with cannabis right now and norml.org has some great links too. look at my archive queenhigherliving.tumblr.com/archive & use any of those links/resources. 

You can also look up scholarly articles on google that supports marijuana that are dated recently (within 10 years or so). That kind of scientific proof is hard to refuse. Goodluck <3 

One love!!


icomeinwaves said: I just wanna let you know you inspire me and you are lovely. You are gorgeous and your hemp jewelry is amazing

Thank you <3 One love! 

Anonymous said: I'm writing a paper for school on the positive impacts on society if hemp and marijuana were to be legalized and your "We Need Change" paper helped me SO much. It was so informative and made my life so much easier trying to write this thing!

Glad I could help :)

not-ajapanesecar said: I just bought my first glass bowl & I'm not too sure how to clean it. I've seen so many different ways. What should I do?

I dump large crystal sea salt into the bowl and I add some 92% isopropyl alcohol, and I hold the ends and shake it/use a q tip. One love <3 

Cannabis is a temporary bronchial dialator ♻ unlike tobacco, which is a bronchial constrictor. Tobacco narrows the lung’s pathways, while the properties in marijuana have been proven to open them! Even though we all know that smoke in our lungs does not constitute as a “good thing”, the good news is this… marijuana has NEVER been proven to actually damage our lungs. It is surely safer to vaporize your weed or ingest it, but as long as you’re smoking clean and trusted marijuana, you’re not doing any proven LONG-TERM damage to your body. The damage that stress has upon your body is ✨far more dangerous✨ than marijuana ever could be!

"Our task is to free ourselves.. by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty." —Albert Einstein 💫

Progression starts the day you decide it does. We live this particular and short life but one time, so why place limits upon it? Do not, Do not! For dreams are all we’ve got 💭 The only person standing in the way of where you want to be is You. Your thoughts hold all the power.. and this my friend, is true 💎

2 cups pancake batter, 1 1/2 cups milk, 2 eggs, & 3 teaspoons oil for the batter.. Deep fry until light golden brown 😍👊

Keep your inner peace and don’t you ever worry about what people think. This is your world ..do what ya wanna 👽 Stay free 👽

When Colorado legalized marijuana in 2012, prohibition supporters warned that it would make the roadways less safe. According to this data, highway fatalities are at near-historic lows! Numbers are down from last year and lower than the 13 year average! 🍁 This may be because people are choosing marijuana instead of alcohol, which indeed brings about certain usage issues, but is undeniably safer than alcohol. Cannabis causes less inebriation and less problems with coordination, and these facts together, along with marijuana’s legal status, may be helping to lower the number of highway deaths! Either way, cannabis has not made Colorado’s roadways any less safe, and it just may be proving to do the opposite ☺️✌️💚 Peace & love!

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